Coagulation Control During Periods When Plants Are Unmanned

Wastewater Effluent OutletAs increasing environmental regulations are being applied to industry all over the world there is a requirement for a single controller that can measure the online pH of multiple streams, can provide the control to automate pH neutralization, can datalog the whole pH neutralization process and can communicate back to the appropriate personnel if anything goes wrong.

CRIUS® Functionality is the Right Solution

That requirement can be met by the Pi CRIUS®4.0 pHSense. This controller can take in multiple pH sensors, provide up to eight fully functional PID control channels, datalog all inputs and outputs, and provide a machine to machine remote access capability which can email datalogs, alarms, can text alarms etc. This fully integrated measurement control and communications controller comes at a small fraction of a cost of putting together a system with PLCs, instruments and Modbus etc. Taking advantage of this functionality a considerable sum of money was saved whilst more than fully complying with the requirement of the EPA in Ireland.