Small Water Treatment Plant Monitoring for Chlorine, pH and Turbidity

Water Treatment Plant ProductsSmall water treatment plants, secondary disinfection plants etc. tend to suffer from similar problems wherever they are in the world. The first is lack of communications SCADA infrastructures, the cost of which to install can be prohibitive. The second is the lack of a central DCS control infrastructure, again the installation of which can be cost prohibitive. The third is the remote location. Often these water treatment plants are in remote and difficult to access locations.

3 Key Issues Water Engineers Face

With these three issues facing many water engineers around the world, a low cost solution providing solutions to all three issues is available from Pi. A CRIUS®4.0 controller has the on board capacity to provide small scale SCADA, and full online PID control whilst the sensors (e.g. chlorine, pH, turbidity etc.) are suitable for long term operation without operator intervention. To demonstrate the remote access capability of the CRIUS®4.0 please click here. To learn more about the control capability of the CRIUS®4.0 please click here. To hear more about other customers using the CRIUS®4.0 multi-parameter controllers in a similar way why not contact us?